Rationale for this blog’s title

I have called my blog “Eric Ross, academic” because many Eric Rosses inhabit cyberspace. A simple google search produced the following: an American jazz composer/performer, an American Staff Sergeant (who died from wounds suffered in Baquba, Iraq), another US Master Sergeant with Special Operations Command, a California wine maker (my favorite), a smelter and refiner of precious metals, a specialty glass-blower in Minnesota, an interior decorator, a magician, more than one football player (American football and soccer), a San Diego LGBT activist and author, an environmental activist in Colorado, a financial adviser in Austin TX, a TV news reporter in Amarillo TX, a London jeweler, a Winnipeg fiddler, a Burlington  Ontario golfer, and many, many more (343 Eric Rosses on the professional network LinkedIn, that’s a lot of professionals sharing my name). The “academic” designation aims to identify me among the myriad other Eric Rosses out there. Yet, I am by no means the only scholar to go by this name. There is an American Anthropologist named Eric B. Ross who publishes on population issues, an Eric A. Ross who does cancer research, and a Canadian historian called Eric Ross who publishes on the colonial era. There is even another geographer named Eric Ross who teaches GIS at University of Colorado, Denver. Clearly, I’m in good company, but I still need to clarify which Eric Ross academic is the author of this blog.

This Eric Ross (Eric Stanley Ross, to be precise) is Canadian (et assez québecois quand ça me tente). I was born in Turkey, but I currently live in Morocco, where I teach. I am an urban and cultural geographer with a PhD in Islamic Studies. There! I think that should single me out from any other Eric Ross.

About ericrossacademic

Professor of Geography at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco
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