My promotion to full professor

This new academic year is even more fantastic than previous ones for me in that Al Akhawayn University has just promoted me to full professor.

Professor Nizar Messari, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, gives me a commemorative plate an an informal ceremony.

Dr. Nizar Messari, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, gives me a commemorative plate at an informal ceremony announcing the promotion.

When I first joined this institution, fresh out of a PhD, I envisioned a long-term commitment to it. Teaching geography in Morocco placed me inside my field of study, Muslim Africa (Morocco was the closest I could get to Senegal and still have a job), and I already had cultural roots in this marvelous country. I was certainly hoping things would work out well for me here, and work out well they have. Hired as assistant professor in 1998, I was promoted to associate professor in 2006, and now this ultimate stage in my academic career. Hard work, teaching, service, research,  publication and collegiality have all played a role. But, what the self assessments and peer evaluations in the promotion process don’t take into account is the sheer fun and excitement of this life. Whatever else the experience has been, it has certainly never been boring. In particular, constantly working with young adults heading into working lives of their own maintains my enthusiasm for what I do. At the very least, teaching to 20 year-olds has kept me from suffering generational disconnect; over the years I have had to update my in-class pop culture references from Madonna and the Y2K bug to Lady Gaga and Pokemon Go.

I am very happy to have been promoted to tweedy old professor. While I get the feeling that it will be all down hill from here, I have been assured by those who have preceded me that this is not the case. I will let you know.

About ericrossacademic

Professor of Geography at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco
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8 Responses to My promotion to full professor

  1. Monique Tilkin says:

    Congratulation!Even when the body becomes old… your mind never will! We met at Volubilis and I will always remember your explination about that marvelous city… Monique

  2. Barg says:

    Hey Eric, it’s Barbara, Leslie’s friend. Congratulations on your professorship. Wonderful.

  3. Congratulations! I wish you may do more inspiring research and teaching in this next phase of your career.

  4. Ibra Sene says:

    Congratulations, Eric.

  5. mohabrahim says:

    Dear Professor,

    Congratulation for your promotion to full professor

    I hope you more promotion and success in all of your carrier

    Best regards

  6. rynbhllrd says:

    Mabrūk, Professor! I’ve been following your work for years, and I am elated to see your arduous research and work paying off. Best of luck moving forward!

  7. bfackelmann says:

    Eric, I read this only now – great news to me! Congratulations and I hope, we can toast on this sometime soon.

  8. François Branchaud says:

    Félicitation Eric! Même après toutes ces années je suis toujours curieux de savoir où te mènent tes recherches.

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