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Presenting Volubilis, ancient capital of Berber Morocco

The second field trip in my Moroccan Cultural Heritage course (the first was to the cave houses of Zawiyat Sidi Abdesslam) was to Volubilis, Morocco’s premier archaeological site. All too often, in school textbooks and in tourist guidebooks, Volubilis is … Continue reading

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Discursively mapping the geopolitical menagerie

Another course I am enjoying teaching this semester is Geopolitics, a graduate course in our International Studies program. The course should really be called “Critical Geopolitics” as it mostly brings the tools of discourse analysis to bear on key texts … Continue reading

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Attending a symposium on Africa in the medieval world

I am in snowy Cambridge, Massachusetts, this week, attending a symposium on the history of Trans-Saharan relations and encounters. Medieval/Africa: The Trans-Saharan World was organized by a number of Harvard University departments and research institutes, namely: the Committee on Medieval … Continue reading

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