Books (click on highlighted titles to download pdf version of text)

Grid Planning in the Urban Design Practices of Senegal, Springer, 2020.

Culture and Customs of Senegal, Greenwood/Heineman, 2008.

Sufi City: Urban Design and Archetypes in Touba, University of Rochester Press, Rochester NY, 2006.

Assessing Tourism in Essaouira (co-authored with John A. Shoup, Driss Maghraoui, Abdelkrim Marzouk), Al Akhawayn University Press, 2002.


Contributions to edited volumes (click on highlighted titles to download pdf version of text)

Ennahid, Said and Eric Ross, “Adding a Layer: Functioning Muslim Shrines at Archaeological Sites in Northwestern Morocco”, in Perspektiven der Spolienforschung: Zentren und Konjunkturen der Spoliierung 2, edited by Stefan Altekamp, Carmen Marcks-Jacobs and Peter Seiler, Topoi, Berlin, 2017.


Grid Plan in Senegalese Urban Design_coverThe Grid Plan in the History of Senegalese Urban Design“, in Urban Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Colonial and Post-Colonial Planning Cultures, edited by Carlos Nunes Silva, Routledge, 2015.

Arts de la citoyenneté au Sénégal-cover2

Les places publiques (pénc) et la configuration des communautés”, in Les arts de la citoyenneté au Sénégal : Espaces contestés et civilités urbaines, edited by Mamadou Diouf & Rosalind Fredericks, Karthala; Paris, 2013.

Christmas in Cambérène, or how Muhammad begets Jesus in Senegal”, in Muslims and Others in Sacred Space, edited by Margaret Cormack, Oxford University Press, 2013.


Building Community: Configuring Authority and Identity on the Public Squares of Contemporary Senegalese Sufi Centers”, in Prayer in the City: The Making of Muslim Sacred Places and Urban Life, edited by Patrick Desplat & Dorothea Schultz, Transaction Publishers; New Brunswick N.J. & Transcript Verlag; Bielefeld, 2012.

A Historical Geography of the Trans-Saharan Trade”, in The Trans-Saharan Book Trade: Manuscript Culture, Arabic Literacy and Intellectual History in Muslim Africa, edited by Graziano Krätli & Ghislaine Lydon, Brill; Leiden, 2011.

Palaver Trees Reconsidered in the Senegalese Landscape: Arboreal Monuments and Memorials”, in African Sacred Groves: Ecological Dynamics and Social Change, edited by Michael Sheridan & Celia Nyamweru, James Currey/Ohio University Press/Unisa Press, Oxford, Athens , OH & Pretoria, 2008.

Le Pénc : élément du patrimoine et modèle d’aménagement urbain”, in Sénégalia : Etudes sur le patrimoine ouest-africain, Hommage à Guy Thilmans, edited by Cyr Descamps & Abdoulaye Camara, Editions Sépia, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, 2006.

From marabout republics to autonomous rural communities: autonomous Muslim towns in Senegambia”, in African Urban Spaces in Historical Perspective, edited by Steven J. Salm & Toyin Falola, University of Rochester Press, 2005.


Peer review journal articles (click on highlighted titles to download pdf version of text)


Conference papers (click on highlighted titles to download pdf version of text)

“Touba, le soufisme, et la modernité urbanistique”, in La Réponse du Soufisme à la Crise : Actes du Premier Colloque International du Grand Magal de Touba sur le Soufisme, Serigne Same Abdourahmane Bousso, ed., Dakar/Touba: Comité d’Organisation du Grand Magal de Touba, Commission Culture & Communication, 2012.

Disciples transnationaux et la mondialisation de Touba”, in Religion et migration, Série colloques #16, Rabat: Institut des Études Africaines, Université Mohammed V, 2012.

Villes soufies du Sénégal : réseaux urbains religieux dans la longue durée, Série Conférences #20, Institut des Etudes Africaines, Université Mohammed V, Rabat, 2005.


Encyclopedia entries

  • “Casablanca, Morocco: Will a Change in Lunch Habit Improve the City’s Traffic,” “Dakar, Senegal: Peri-Urban/Urban Agriculture & Urban Waste Management,” & “Touba, Senegal: A Spiritual Solution to Affordable Housing,” in Cities around the World: Struggles and Solutions to Urban Life, 2 vols., Jing Luo, editor, ABC-CLIO, 2019.
  • “Daniel Burnham (1846-1912),” “Jean Gottmann (1915-1994),” “Robert Moses (1888-1981),” & “Megalopolis,” in Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies, Meredith Pate & Anthony Orum, editor, Wiley-Blackwell., 2019.
  • “African Urban History and Historiography,” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, Oxford University Press, 2018. doi:
  • “Senegal,” in Africa: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society, Vol. 3, Toyin Falola & Daniel Jean-Jacques, editors, ABC-Clio, 2016.
  • “Africa, History of the Name,” “Afrocentrism,” “Moors in African History,” “Travel in Africa: 800-1500 CE,” “Algiers,” “Carthage,” “Gao,” “Nouakchott,” Tangier,” “Timbuktu,” and “Tunis,” in The New Encyclopedia of Africa, Second Edition, Ken Wachsberger, project editor, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2008.


Translation (French to English)

Sufism and Religious Brotherhoods in Senegal, by Khadim Mbacké (original title: Soufisme et Confréries Religieuses au Sénégal, IFAN-CAD collection études islamiques, Dakar, 1995), edited by John Hunwick, Markus Wiener Publishers, Princeton , 2005.

Revisiting the Colonial Past_cover

“Slavery and the Condition of Blacks in Morocco in the First Half of the Twentieth Century” by Rita Aouad, in Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco, edited by Driss Maghraoui. Routledge: London, 2013.

“Colonial Experience and Territorial Practices” by Abdelahad Sebti, in Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco, edited by Driss Maghraoui. Routledge: London, 2013.


Book reviews

  • Black Morocco: A History of Slavery, Race, and Islam (by Chouki El Hamel, Cambridge University Press, 2013), reviewed for the Canadian Journal of African Studies, 2015.
  • The Last Civilized Place: Sijilmasa and Its Saharan Destiny (by Ronald A. Messier & James A. Miller, University of Texas Press, 2015), reviewed for the Journal of Islamic Studies, 2015.
  • Fighting the Greater Jihad: Amadu Bamba and the Founding of the Muridiyya of Senegal, 1853-1913 by Cheikh Anta Babou (Ohio University Press, 2007), and Sufism and Jihad in Modern Senegal: The Murid Order by John Glover (University of Rochester Press, 2007), reviewed for African Affairs, 2008.
  • The History of African Cities South of the Sahara: From the Origins to Colonization by Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch (Marcus Wiener Publishers, Princeton, 2005, English translation of Histoire des villes d’Afrique noire, Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1993), reviewed for World History Bulletin, February 2006.
  • Eurafricans in Western Africa: Commerce, Social Status, Gender, and Religious Observance from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century by George E. Brooks (Ohio University Press, 2003), reviewed for H-Net, 2005.
  • Paths of Accommodation: Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania, 1880-1920 by David Robinson (Ohio University Press, 2000), reviewed for H-Net, 2003.
  • Building Technology and Settlement Planning in a West African Civilization: Precolonial Akan Cities and Towns by Tarikhu Farrar (Mellen University Press, Lewiston, New York, 1996), reviewed for H-Net, 1997.

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